We provide the knowledge and expertise to enable impactful results through our pillars of leadership effectivenesS and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

 We integrate the best contemporary thinking, research and practice into our model of EFFECTIVE leadership that creates real impact.

 We provide KNOWLEDGE, insights and understanding of effective leadership and how to champion its development in sustainable ways. 


1. Set the right direction and create meaningful work.

We believe that leaders are responsible for setting the direction, defining the vision and strategies required for sustainable growth and profit.



2. Engage all stakeholders and hold them accountable. 

We believe that if direction and meaning are confined to just senior leadership, value is minimised. With this promise leaders are expected to fully engage employees in owning the company's direction. They are expected to earn trust and commitment to preform by providing the why behind the what of work.



3. Ensure the processes and systems facilitate focus and execution. 

We believe that an employees well-being is ultimately tied to the organisations performance, which itself is directly related to the organisations ability to execute. Underpinning every stakeholders commitment is the belief that leadership “promises” to deliver results in the marketplace by successfully executing on key initiatives. Effective execution systems efficiently channel action into results and provide feedback on the work the organisation is doing.

Action provides clarity; effort is linked to results which gives individuals a clear line of sight to long-term, meaningful success.



4. Lead effectively. We expect our leaders to be effective, very effective, and the bar by which we measure them is high.

We believe that for leaders to be very effective the bar by which we measure them must be high. Furthermore, we expect our leaders to be more effective this year than last year. We expect them to be so committed to enhancing their effectiveness that they become the most effective leaders they can be by engaging in ongoing personal and professional development.